Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the writing skill

i'm at PKG Adela attending 3-day course. a course of english profeciency for non option teacher. there are actually 4 phases and this is the third phase. writing skill is the main focus for this phase and i found that it is very very useful for us. helping me a lot in developing my confidence in writing. not focusing in class only but the most important is for our daily life. feeling lucky to be here.
we learn a lot of things from the steps in writing, how to identify the topic sentence, controlling n supporting details, thesis statement to how to write in appropriate method to attract reader's interest. oh ya btw, we were also had build our own blog! AND 'fesbuk'ing heh heh.. killing two birds with one stone hoh hoh hoh

owh almost forgot! the assignment!! owh even though i miss the feeling once i get an assignment from the lecturer,i'm still unmotivated to do the task huhu...student life.. miss the years being a formal student!


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