Tuesday, June 29, 2010

like sushi..??

some people do love sushi but some people 'alergic' with the word sushi itself.. i love to try new food as long as it look delicious. make my mouth watering and unable to hold it to drop plup..plup.. and i think some sushi look so cute and look nice to eat..

don't u think it's too cute to get into ur mouth?? uhh pity sushi... brupp!!

to accomplish my mission, then i went to Sushi King accompanied by Nida.. oppss time's up

what happen?? will update soon!


  1. sushi sgt la xbest..kihkih

  2. adehh x best sbb xjumpa yg sdap lg kot.. for me, blh tahan la.. not like and not dislike ehe