Monday, July 5, 2010

i'm fully booked this week

oh God! just recharge my spirit for school but it seems not enough 'battery' as my schedule is very very pack for this whole week.. tiredness.. for this week, my schedule is:
  • monday: morning-school, evening: household shop
  • tuesday: morning-school, evening: meeting
  • wednesday: morning-school, evening: meeting
  • thursday: morning- school, evening: meeting
  • friday: will at smk saujana for the whole day for karnival sains
  • saturday: will at the same school again for the same event
  • sunday: i've booked myself for my leisure time (hopefully)
meeting can be stressful if we always think in negative side.. as i still want to look young, so lets think in positive way.. time is running out~~


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