Wednesday, July 7, 2010

it's all about solar car

owh gosh science carnival is just around d conner, this coming friday!! and for that carnival, i was assign to prepare a team for solar car race, which i have to guide them and give some info about the competition.

on last thursday afternoon, one of my team member reported that our ancient solar cell had just damage. dem! then we have to find a new one to replace it or else we have to quit before the game started. then we find all around but yet didn't get any good news, until last monday my 'ketua bidang, kak zue suggest to me to order from en saufi who is the solar cell dealer. Thank Allah, you show us the light. Without wasting our precious time, i called him and Alhamdulillah, everything went well. I had ordered 6 pieces of solar cell with its motor and it cost rm118.
So i wait till the next day, as they promise, the solar cell should be received on the next day by 'a local courier'. but unfortunately, i had received nothing! Then I called the courier office to make sure the things were at the posst office. they said the ref number that i gave to them is not in the system yet, so they can't trace it. oh god, what it is going on?? i called the dealer again and surprisingly, the thing was not proceed yet by the courier at a'star. dem! i've to use it as soon as possible!
in the next other day, i called the courier office again and got a 'good' news that they had the 'thing' now, as fast as lightening i went to their office of coz with my principal's permission. but again the is no luck, it was not there yet! huh.. as usually they said it was on the way from rengit.. a lot of excuses!! and i just can collect it after 1 pm. wasting my time! traveling 15 minutes from my school and another 15 minutes back to the school.. about 40 minutes wasted meaningless..
after school, by 3pm i went back to the office to collect the 'thing' as promised before. and AGAIN the thing was not there yet! owh dem! dem! dem! the worst service ever! as soon as i can collect it is in the next morning, thursday, 8th july 2010. unfortunately again,tomorrow, my class are packed and the competition is on 9th july 2010! could i manage it or just simply quit from taking part in the competition?? how about my students?? huhu...*crying*

will update soon~~

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